The Internet has dramatically revolutionised many aspects of our lives, this being especially true for how we plan our holidays. Online booking has made the holiday of your dreams more accessible than was ever thought possible, exclusive and exotic destinations are no longer limited to the elite few.

Cutting out the middleman

When booking a holiday you have the option to contact a travel agent or book it online yourself. Booking holidays online allows customers to book their particular holiday requirements directly with travel product providers – thereby cutting out the added cost of the middleman. By avoiding the travel agents service fee, booking online is almost always a cheaper option. There are a number of low cost airlines who rely on Internet bookings for a high volume of their sales and are now providing customers with unprecedented access to discounted flights if they book directly online. You can easily book your own flights at a vastly reduced price compared to high street rates and choose from a variety of hotels often offering last minute deals on accommodation. In addition, certain websites offer discounts that are not commonly available elsewhere, so it’s possible to make substantial savings on car hire and travel insurance.

Comparing the best value for money

One of the greatest advantages of booking holidays online is the ability to use price comparison websites where customers are able to immediately compare the costs of the leading competitors avoiding unnecessary expenses. Online customers can easily see the cost difference in choosing an earlier or later flight or booking a hotel in a specific location. Planning a vacation can be a thrilling task but a costly one if you if don’t avoid the common pitfalls. As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you book a holiday, the more likely you will get a discount, however online booking allows for the possibility of cheaper deals on last minute flights and last minute deals on accommodation. Online booking offers you an unlimited choice to tailor your travel itinerary to a specific time frame and budget allowing you to always make an informed decision leading to substantial savings.

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