It is easy to get excited when someone mentions budget airlines. After all, you’ve been dreaming of a well-deserved holiday for ages now, but have been hampered by limited savings. Before you dive in and book that flight, however, find out whether those cheap tickets for your family of four or group of twenty are worth the money spent. A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using budget airlines will help you make the right decision.

The benefits

While train travel is often considered a cheaper option, especially in Europe, it isn’t always the case. With a number of cheap airlines in operation, booking a ticket through their websites ensures you a good deal. The flights tend to arrive and depart on time as these airlines depend on a near perfect schedule to maintain their cost effectiveness.

You get to choose the seats if you arrive early or have opted for priority boarding. The option to book one way tickets gives the traveller greater flexibility. This helps in making changes to the original travel plans.

The liabilities

There are minor discomforts as these flights come without frills. You pay for the seat alone and have to separately purchase food and beverages on board. Often, family or group members may not get adjacent or nearby seats.

A sore point is the limited baggage allowance. You get to bring minimal amount of clothes and toiletries and preferably as hand baggage. There are additional fees for checked in bags that weigh beyond prescribed limits.

Other major disadvantages include limited number of flight routes and remote airport destinations. Budget airlines are able to offer competitive rates by using less frequented routes and smaller airports that don’t see a lot of traffic. If that is not inconvenient enough, you are saddled with additional fees in terms of car hires from the airport to your destination.

Budget airlines are boons or nightmares depending on who’s doing the travelling. Someone on a limited budget and willing to travel light will find them a perfect alternative. A luxury traveller looking for a comfortable journey or a family that likes to shop for clothes and mementos will opt for major airlines that allow more baggage.

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