Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, finding the right subject for your pieces can make or break a collection. It’s crucial to know not only what you’re hoping to get out of the photographs you take, but also knowing something of the culture or history behind your subject matter can help turn a good photo into a great one. Picking out the relevant sights and sounds of a location is not an easy task, but you can make it much easier on yourself by taking just a small amount of time to research wherever you may be heading to beforehand, and that’s where we come in! With a few suggestions of the most photogenic destinations in the world, you’ll be able to set yourself up for a photography collection that’ll stun even you when looking back in years to come.

Asian destinations

Asia is currently one of the most culturally fascinating regions in the world. With rapid development come shifts in the lifestyles and environments of the area, instantly visible for even the most casual of observers. Make your way to Mongolia for stunning vistas including wildlife such as camels, buffalo, golden eagles, all mingling with the traditional practices of the area as well as increasing influence from the speedway that is China on its southern border. Within China you’ll also find compelling historical and biographical etches on the landscape and the people in untouched areas such as Xinjiang. Elsewhere in Asia: Cambodia, India, the list is endless; there are a wealth of exciting opportunities for stunning photography.

Don’t forget to look closer to home

Many of us looking for the perfect photograph can sometimes forget the beauty that lies within our reach even without travelling to far flung corners of the world. Within America there are countless spectacular landmarks. Take Arizona, with the Canyon De Chelly National Monument near the Grand Canyon. Or the UK, with stunning national parks and scenery across the Scottish Isles to name just one example. Whatever your preference, don’t feel constrained in your photography and make your next piece one to remember.

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